Göncay at a Glance

Göncay at a Glance

Göncay Plastik is the global supplier of plastic and paper packaging goods for FMCG brands and food & beverage packaging industry. The company was established in 1988 producing plastic lids, pvc bags and plastic separators and has grown to become the one of the biggest suppliers specializing in coffee cup and plastic cup lid business. Operating in a state of art factory with 37,000 m2 production area and employing over 300 people. Göncay exports its assortment to 54 countries in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Africa and North&Central America. 

Continuing holding our pioneering role in the industry, Göncay Plastik relies on innovation, top-tier quality, and a customer-centric approach.



First step to the industry

The company was founded in Istanbul, producing plastic lids, pvc bags and plastic separators.


Entering Foreign Markets

Göncay moved to Ikıtelli Industrial Park where it started to export its product range. The company was the main lid and straw supplier for companies like CCI,Pepsi-Cola, Burger King, Mcdonalds and Arby's.


Expansion of the product range

The company moved to its newly built, 5000m2 facility where it has received its high technology machinery park for lid production. Göncay was one of the first companies in Turkey which has become BRC certified during this decade.


Investments for state of the art machinery park

Goncay moved to its final destination in Silivri, operating in 12000 m2 with two production floors and moved its logistic operation to Ambarlı Port area in a warehouse with 4000 pallet capacity. 


Establishment of a second factory for paper board packaging

Göncay Packaging Limited has been established in Silivri Alipaşa Area for fulfilling the group's sustainability goals. The new facility will process 500 tons of kraft and white paper per month for meeting the increasing demand for sustainable packaging goods.


Introducing the benchmark factory

Goncay has started to build its new purpose-built 35.000 sq meter facility in Velimeşe Industrial Area. The site will have unrivaled sustainability features including solar panels, high efficiency LED lighting and office heating and cooling provided by air-source heat pumps.


“While working for a pioneering future in the production of plastic packaging and caps without sacrificing ethical principles and quality; To be a trusted global company that is sensitive to the environment and people. ”


Goncay Plastik has made it its mission to be among the leading manufacturers in the global market in the production of packaging and caps. Goncay Plastic; Huhtamaki is a globally approved cap and packaging supplier to Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King, Coca Cola and PepsiCo.

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